The brand was born together with the Ayaydın establishment in 1986. Its first store has been opened on Rumeli Street in Istanbul in 1989. Today, Ipekyol is among the most prestigious brands of women’s ready-to-wear and is especially accepted as the choice of the most successful women. IPEKYOL delights the active urban life of women with its smart style…


Twist was created in 1997 for girls and women of all ages who feel young. Twist has been widely accepted within a very short time by a large group of customers who prefer comfort in clothing and appreciate buying quality for an affordable price. With Twist's unique style which is reflected in the models, stores and advertisements, Twist inspires young women to express themselves freely and shape their own futures. Twist is the fun friend of free, urban-dwelling young women with who openly express themselves.


Butterfly Jewellery is proud of their stunning collections of handmade statement jewellery consisting of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more. When designing fashion jewellery Butterfly takes inspiration from all the fashion capitals of the world to keep up with cutting-edge trends. Season after season the London based team designs & creates stunning collections of handmade costume jewellery and since its launch in 2004, Butterfly has established itself in the UK & Overseas as a luxury fashion jewellery retailer. From dazzling cuffs to bejewelled collars, Butterfly's exquisite craftsmanship can't fail to turn heads.


Colours & Beauty is a brand that offers a wide range of costume jewelry, makeup and fashion accessories, trendy and full of freshness. Colours & Beauty offers products that allow you to express yourself according to your emotions and your style. The new makeup line Co. & B is characterized by a high quality of raw materials, carefully selected and produced entirely in Italy, packaged in packs that are functional and appealing.


El-Boutique has been in established in 2014 to house the most selective brands from different parts of the world. This multi brand concept brings about leading designers which have never been introduced before in Kuwait’s retail market all under one roof. These designers include Ioanna Kourbela, Etxart & Panno, and BNG and Butterfly London.


Etxart & Panno founded in 1988 from the union of two fashion professionals, the industrial designer Omar Etxart and Emi Panno. From that moment on, their designs have been aimed to represent a dynamic, bold, independent and sensual woman looking for elegance, sophistication and femininity.


Ioanna Kourbela obtains her main source of inspiration from the way clothes envelope the unique energy flow of every human body along with the elements in nature, the hectic pace of life and cultural diversity. Her collections reveal the different aspects of a minimalist aesthetic embracing the simplicity and charm of classical harmony.


BNG, who entered the fashion world in 2006 with a mission of being the brand of the ones who like to discover and be discovered, is an authentic Turkish brand shaped with the knowledge and experience of its founders, Nilgün and Bülent Gülen. The most original detail representing the identity of BNG is the “allure of black” which gives life to its designs. This is what renders the brand extraordinary. The different variations of the colour black, which is the driving engine of the brand’s collections and the seasonal stories, become integrated with the BNG woman.


Designed by the famous, Raphael Da Luce from Rome, and executed in Turkey, Raphael Roma is defined by elegant eveningwear and one of a kind couture designs. His draping and design expertise along with the exquisite textile creations result in a magnificent selection of evening gowns. With the extravagant and eccentric fashion taste and his Italian roots, Raphael beautifully crafted runway collections fuse exquisite detailing with supreme femininity. Coveted by women of all ages, Raphael Roma continues to be the centerpiece of iconic events and eveningwear fashion runways.